Community Packs Dixie Girl During First Happy Hour

A crowd fills the bar and dining areas at Dixie Girl Restaurant in downtown Los Alamos Thursday as the eatery hosted its first Happy Hour since receiving its liquor license earlier in the day. So many people turned out for Happy Hour that there was a short wait to be seated. Photo by Greg Kendall/

The Dixie Girl Restaurant received its liquor license Thursday and the evening was filled with diners and people sampling the alcoholic beverages in the bar area. Photo by Greg Kendall/ Read More

Dixie Girl Gets Liquor License – Launches Happy Hour

Head Bartender Hunter Bruce and Dixie Girl Co-owner Caitlin Smith celebrate the Dixie Girl Restaurant in downtown Los Alamos receiving its liquor license today. Courtesy photo

Staff Report

Dixie Girl Restaurant Co-owner Caitlin Smith told the Los Alamos Daily Post a few moments ago that the Dixie Girl has obtained its liquor license today.

Smith said that tonight will be the restaurant’s first “Happy Hour” and will run from 5 to 7 p.m. with a full bar, $5 well drinks and $ 6 premium drinks including specialty martinis and manhattans.

Beers won’t be available for a few Read More

Ribbon Cut on United Church Resale Shop

Corine Christman cuts the ribbon Wednesday on the new Resale Shop location for United Church. From left, Jeanne Butler, Christman, Adda Moldt and Nina Thayer, all of whom volunteer their time at the Resale Shop, which is open to the public Wednesday mornings. More than 20 missions are supported by the shop’s proceeds. Photo by Katy Korkos/LACC

Crowds gather Wednesday morning at the United Church on Rose Street for the first day of operation of its new Resale Shop. Photo by Katy Korkos/LACC

  Read More

Money IQ: Security: Two-Factor Authentication

Money IQ
By Michael Carson

Security: Two-Factor Authentication

The risk of having an online account breached is increasing every day as cybercriminals continue to evolve and refine their methods.

Simply having a user ID and password as an authentication method is no longer enough to truly protect your account.

You need a form of two-factor authentication. What is two-factor authentication? Two-factor authentication requires more information than something you know, such as a password.

It adds the additional criteria of something you must have. For example, the second form of authentication Read More

Officials Request Funding For The Hive

Los Alamos Entrepreneurs Network President Andy Andrews, at podium, and The Hive Steward David Jones present a Citizens’ Petition requesting that Council grant $36,000 to The Hive to sustain its operations through February 2013, and further requesting that Council direct County staff to develop an expanded grant application for the Hive’s continued operations. There is not a mechanism in place at the current time for Council to fund a private company in this manner. Councilor voted to direct County staff to work with The Hive on a path forward and to return to Council with a recommendation Read More

Lodgers’ Tax Board Meeting Place Changed

NOTE: The location of the Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board meeting place scheduled from 1-3 p.m. Monday, Nov. 13 has changed. 

It will be held at the conference room in the County Administrator’s Offices at 133 Central Park Square.

Read More

The Hive to Address Council Tuesday


We would like to invite the community to join us at the County Council meeting beginning at 7 p.m., Tuesday in the Community Building.

The Council has been presented with a petition for an immediate $36,000 grant to sustain operations of The Hive through February of next year and to request that the Council direct County staff to work with The Hive in developing an expanded grant application.

This short paper addresses the most efficient and direct way that the County can promote REAL and SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT in Los Alamos County.

The Hive is an INDEPENDENT facility for Read More

Column: Diversity or Multiculturalism – It’s All About Working With Differences

Column by Elena Yang
Diversity or Multiculturalism – It’s All About Working With Differences

Diversity or multiculturalism is not a goal; it’s a process. 

A process of working with differences; a process that has always existed although without a name until recently; a process that will continue to exist for the next millennium. 

Race and gender were some of the first-noted categories, but now more and more groups have been added to the list. 

Like research on leadership, research on diversity and multiculturalism has been abundant, and abundantly described in books, Read More

State’s Former Chief Medical Officer Now Practicing in Los Alamos

Dr. Grant Gerner, Dr. Erin Bouquin, center, and Dr. Barbara Medlin of Los Alamos Urgent Care. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

By Carol A. Clark

Within a matter of days, Dr. Erin J. Bouquin went from being forced to resign as Chief Medical Officer at the New Mexico Department of Health to an exciting new position on the medical team at Los Alamos Urgent Care.

“Working at the state was an incredible experience and I wouldn’t change a minute of it … I knew going into it that it wouldn’t be a long experience but I never imagined it would be that short,” Bouquin said. Read More

The Hive Seeks to Help Businesses Thrive

From left, Jung Hong, Jonathan Shroyer, David Jones and Andy Andrews discuss a business idea and brainstorm how to make it profitable during the Brown Bag lunch at The Hive Thursday. The Hive, 134 N.M. 4 in White Rock, is dedicated to helping business owners make it through the pitfalls of starting a new company. Representatives from The Hive intend to address the County Council Tuesday, Nov. 13 to request grant funding to enable the organization to continue supporting local entrepreneurs. Photo by Mandy Marksteiner

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