Breaking News: SOS Candidate Maggie Toulouse Oliver Taps Sheryl Nichols of Los Alamos As Her Deputy

Democrat Maggie Toulouse Oliver, left, candidate for N.M. secretary of state with her choice for deputy, Sheryl Nichols of Los Alamos, at a private residence in Barranca Mesa. Photo by Carol A. Clark/
Los Alamos Daily Post

Democratic candidate Maggie Toulouse Oliver announced today that if elected New Mexico secretary of state, she intends to appoint Sheryl Nichols of Los Alamos as her deputy.

Nichols worked for the Los Alamos County Clerk’s Office for 24 years. She retired as chief deputy clerk earlier this year.

“The voters of Los Alamos have historically been very fortunate to have excellent election administration and I want everyone in the state to have that same voting experience … that’s why when elected, I’m appointing Sheryl as my deputy,” Toulouse Oliver said this afternoon during an exclusive interview with the Los Alamos Daily Post.

Toulouse Oliver has served as Bernalillo County clerk since 2007.

“I’ve chosen Sheryl because we’ve worked well together for a longtime and I know she will do a great job,” she said. “Sheryl also was president of the County Clerk’s Association for many years and was an excellent leader.”

Nichols explained that she and Toulouse Oliver share similar philosophies with regard to keeping elections accessible and ensuring every vote counts.

“Maggie worked tirelessly and she and I were key in getting legislation passed to get vote centers in place across the state,” Nichols said. “I’m very excited she has selected me for her deputy because it blends well with my experience in the county clerk’s office.”

Toulouse Oliver was in Los Alamos for a campaign event today at the Barranca Mesa home of Kay Reiswig, a former chair of the Los Alamos Democratic Party in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

“Maggie will do an excellent job as secretary of state and I want to help spread the word about her,” Reiswig said.

Toulouse Oliver explained why she decided to run for secretary of state.

“I’m running because I care very deeply about protecting the right to vote for all citizens in New Mexico and making sure the voting process is fair and accessible,” she said. “In Bernalillo we have worked very hard to expand access to the ballot box … expanding early voting, vote centers on election day and providing tools to voters on election day to know how, when and where to cast their ballot.”

As secretary of state, Toulouse Oliver said she will build on this progress and work to make voting easier and more accessible on the statewide level. She is running against Republican incumbent Dianna Duran who when elected in the last election, became the first member of her party in 80 years to serve in the position.

Toulouse Oliver is a 2011 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from United Voters NM and Verified Voting NM for her work in promoting election integrity. She grew up in New Mexico, attended Albuquerque public schools and received her Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University of New Mexico. She lives in Albuquerque with her husband Allan and two sons.


Supporters gather around Democratic candidate Maggie Toulouse Oliver, center, running for New Mexico secretary of state, during a special event today in Los Alamos. Photo by Carol A. Clark/