Breaking News: Los Alamos Police Crack Computer Crimes Case!

Breaking News: 

Over the past few weeks, Los Alamos police detectives have been working on a computer crimes case involving more than $50,000 that was illegally transferred from a victim at Los Alamos National Bank. Detectives have already made two arrests associated with this case.


Police charged Fernando Rodriguez Jr., 31 of Los Alamos with five counts of 3rd degree felony, Computer Access with intent to defraud or embezzle and one count of 2nd degree felony Computer Access with intent to defraud or embezzle

Rodriguez is being held without bond in the Los Alamos County Detention Facility.



Police charged Ryan Roller, 31 of Santa Clara Pueblo with 3rd degree felony conspiracy.

Roller has posted bond.

Detectives were notified Monday, Nov. 4 when Roller attempted to make a large cash withdrawal. 

“I want to thank LANB for catching this issue quickly, they are always good about getting us involved early enough where we can begin our investigation quickly to make arrests and seize money and evidence,” Det. Sgt. Oliver Morris said. “Not just in this case but the previous check forgeries that were coming in a few weeks ago, LANB staff members are very good at spotting suspicious behavior.”


Los Alamos police detectives made three arrests associated with stolen checks out of mailboxes in the White Rock area a few weeks ago. Det. Paige Early has recently obtained an arrest warrant for Brandi Vigil of Los Alamos, the fourth suspect in that case for forgery on $3,500 bond.

Anyone with information about Vigil’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Los Alamos Police Department at 662-8222. Callers may remain anonymous. 

LAPD has already recovered evidence through a search warrant in Espanola to include a vehicle that was purchased with some of the stolen money. Most of the money was prevented from being withdrawn and detectives have been able to seize thousands of dollars in cash, gift cards, and a vehicle recently purchased. 

This case is a part of a larger interstate scheme. “Our arrested suspects did not initiate this case. This is a part of a larger criminal enterprise initiated on the east coast,” Morris said.

LAPD will be following up on suspect(s) and working with the appropriate agencies to further this investigation. 

“We are still working on how victim(s) are being hacked, but as a reminder, whenever you receive emails from what appears to be your financial institution asking you to update your bank account information, you should not click on any link,” Morris said. “Customers should always visit their bank’s secure site to make changes and contact the bank with any suspicious emails or phone calls they receive and they should always verify who is contacting them.”