Breaking News: LANL Deputy Director Resigns

Beth Sellers

Breaking News:

The Los Alamos Daily Post just received news that Los Alamos National Laboratory Deputy Director Beth Sellers has resigned.

Sellers issued the following statement to LANL employees:

“You may soon read news coverage about an issue involving the Laboratory. A family member of mine was awarded a consulting agreement with the Lab in the fall of 2012. At the time, this was not properly disclosed for full evaluation of potential conflict of interest. I realized this mistake several months later and immediately requested a review from Lab Counsel and Audits and Ethics.

“We undertook a comprehensive review of our processes and several improvements have been made to prevent a recurrence, but it is apparent to me that this incident will be a continuing distraction to the Lab’s important missions. This is unacceptable to me as a Laboratory leader, so I have decided to voluntarily step down. I will work with Charlie (LANL Director McMillan) to transition my duties.

“Working for Los Alamos has been an honor and a privilege. The Lab does great things, and I wish you continued success. The nation needs Los Alamos now more than ever.”