Branding Consultant Atlas Reviews Public Input


As of Aug. 31, Los Alamos County branding consultant Atlas Advertising is in receipt of all public input on the short list of straplines developed by Atlas in coordination with the Branding Review Committee for Los Alamos County’s brand.

Public input was submitted on-line via the County’s Open Forum survey process, hard copy, e-mail and transcribed from phone conversations between July 31 through Aug. 28, 2015.

Atlas is synthesizing the data to determine the community’s summary ranking of the five straplines. Based on this input, as well as the preferences of prospective employers, employees and residents identified in the brand study phase, Atlas will proceed with the final selection of two strapline options to present to the County Council in November.

As directed by Council, Atlas will develop logo concepts for both strapline options, as well as a stand-alone logo concept (no strapline).

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