Blue Sky Pilates Offers Four New Classes

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Blue Sky Pilates is increasing the number of classes beginning in March. 
My goal is to offer a wide variety of classes that can satisfy any one’s fitness goal at Blue Sky Pilates,” said Mary Lutes, PMA-CPT, owner of Blue Sky Pilates. This March will bring FOUR more classes to the already large list of classes being offered at the studio.  
Get ready for the upcoming golf season by taking the Pilates Golf Prep Class. This class will be offered 5-6 p.m., every Monday, and also 5:30-6:30 p.m., Wednesday. 
The class will run the entire month of March, for a total of eight classes and will begin March 7.
This will also include one half hour private session with instructor. Tiger Woods, Rocco Mediare, Phil Mickelson, Carin Coch, Annika Sorenstan and Richard Beem are all professional golfers, AND they all practice Pilates to improve their golf game. 
Pilates will increase the power and length of your drive. It will improve your core strength, which will improve your golf swing. Your concentration will improve, and this will improve your overall game. With more flexibility gained from practicing the Pilates Method your golf swing will be come more efficient and more powerful. And most importantly, practicing the Pilates Method will prevent injuries, which will make playing golf more enjoyable. If the pros can improve their game by using Pilates you can too!
In addition to the Pilates Golf Prep Class, a new multi apparatus class will be offered noon to 1 p.m., every Thursday. The Instructor’s Choice class will be different every week and will offer the client an opportunity to experience all that Blue Sky Pilates has to offer. Reformers, chairs, mats, props and arcs will be incorporated into this challenging class.
Class size is limited so register quickly for this class. Class will begin March 10.
Drop by the studio 11:10-11:50 a.m., Tuesdays, during your lunch hour and take the Lunch Hour Chair Class. If you need a quick, challenging workout this class is for you. Chair Pilates is the most challenging, athletic type of Pilates available. This class will offer a full body work out, focusing on core and upper body strength. You will work hard in this quick, 40 minute class. 
Last but certainly not least is the Gentle Pilates for Stress Release class. This class will be held 9-10 a.m., Saturday mornings. 
Stress is deadly, and practicing Pilates is one of the best ways to release stress from your body. Pilates requires constant concentration during each session. 
By concentrating on what you should be doing during this class, you forget to think about what is causing stress in your daily life. This class will also focus on breathing methods and meditation that will increase oxygen in the body and calm the mind. Beginning Mat exercises along with stretching will be the basis of this class. This class will begin March 5.
To details and to register for any or all of these classes, call Mary Lutes at (505).412.5762. Visit the website for further information on all that Blue Sky Pilates has to offer.
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