BLM: Personal-Use Fuelwood Permits On Sale

BLM News:
SANTA FE The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Taos Field Office and New Mexico State Office in Santa Fe are selling fuelwood permits for personal use to the public.  
The cost of the fuelwood permit is $12 per cord and are available in person at either location. Members of the public can purchase a minimum of one cord and up to eight cords per person.
BLM fuelwood permits are valid for 30 days after the date of purchase or Dec. 31, whichever comes first. Permit sales will end Dec. 29, 2019. Permits can be purchased with cash, check, or credit/debit cards. The BLM cannot accept bills greater than $50.
Maps of open wood-cutting areas, along with all rules concerning fuelwood collection, will be available at the time of purchase. For maps on fuelwood areas, visit:
BLM fuelwood permits are valid for cutting only dead (down or standing) piñon and juniper (cedar). Cutting green trees or other trees not mentioned is strictly prohibited.
The following BLM public lands are closed to fuelwood cutting to protect sensitive resources, including endangered species: San Antonio Wilderness Area, Rio Chama Wilderness Study Area, Guadalupe Mountain (where hunting is excluded), Ojo Caliente Wilderness Character Area, Rio Grande Gorge (rim to rim), Ute Mountain, Orilla Verde Recreation Area, La Cienguilla/La Cienega Area of Critical Environmental Concern, Wild Rivers Recreation Area, Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River Corridor, Taos Valley Overlook, Rio Chama Wild & Scenic River Corridor, and Santa Cruz Lake.  
Penalties for cutting or removing wood from BLM lands without a valid fuelwood permit can be more than $300. Fines for cutting green trees start at $300, with a $50 fine for each additional tree. At the discretion of a BLM Law Enforcement Officer, illegally cut fuelwood and any equipment used, such as chainsaws, trailers, and even vehicles, can be confiscated from illegal woodcutters.
For more information, contact BLM Forester Elyssa Duran at 575.758.8851.