Black Hole Trust Donates Office Trailers To Charity

Two office trailers at the Black Hole in violation of a zoning provision have been donated to charity and will be removed soon from the property on Arkansas Avenue. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Two office trailers on the Black Hole property at 4015 Arkansas Ave., owned by the Grothus Living Trust have been donated to charitable entities outside the County and are expected to be moved off the property as soon as permitting can be obtained.

Barbara Grothus, daughter of former Black Hole owner Ed Grothus, appeared Monday before Municipal Court Judge Alan Kirk for an arraignment for having the two trailers on the property in violation of a zoning provision that does not allow warehousing and storage in that area.

Judge Kirk told Grothaus the charge carries a maximum of a $500 fine and 90 days in jail. Grothus pleaded not guilty. Assistant County Attorney Kevin Powers said code enforcement officials were trying to work things out with Grothus before the time for trial. Code enforcement official Larry Valdez told the Court that Grothus had provided him with a couple of letters regarding the office trailers and that he was working with her to get the issue resolved.

The County also has asked Grothus to bring the remaining building on the site into compliance or have it torn down. The property received a citation in June 2017 for failure to repair and maintain structural walls, roofs, overhangs, skylights, windows, doors and surfaces. The business was asked at that time to remove accessory structures on the property. A former church on the property has already been demolished and removed due to citations issued for its poor structural condition.