Black Bear Captured On Barranca Mesa

This black bear is spotted Thursday afternoon in a tall cherry tree on Barranca Mesa. Photo by Ken Hanson

NMG&F Ofc. John Martsh aims a tranquilizer gun at the bear in an effort to safely capture her for relocation. Photo by Ken Hanson

LAPD Ofc. Tim Lonz and Animal Control Ofc. Tom Beyer hold the groggy bear with a control pole so NMG&F Ofc. John Martsh can administer more sedative. Photo by Ken Hanson

NMG&F Ofc. John Martsh checks the age of the bear and determines she is about 18 months old. LAPD Ofc. Tim Lonz holds the bear’s head. Photo by Ken Hanson

From left, LAPD Officers James Keane and Tim Lonz and NMG&F Ofc. John Martsh carry the bear away for relocation Photo by Ken Hanson


Black bears are fond of cherries and this one was chased out of a small cherry tree Thursday morning on Barranca Mesa in Los Alamos. She returned in the afternoon to the same property to climb a taller cherry tree.

After getting her fill of cherries, New Mexico Game & Fish tranquilized and removed the bear for relocation.

On the scene were Los Alamos Animal Control Ofc. Tom Beyer, NMG&F Ofc. John Martsh and LAPD Officers Tim Lonz and James Keane.

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