Bjorklund And Wallstrom Tie For Top Predictor

Lynn Bjorklund and Sarah Wallstrom tied for top predictor in Tuesday’s Atomic City Road Runners weekly Pace Race with a 33 second differential held off Canyon Road on the trail behind PEEC and the Aquatic Center. 
Other accurate predictors include: 
  • Duane Marr at 45 seconds off;
  • Nikol Strother recording a 52 second difference; and
  • Marjorie Keilers with a 60 second differential.
On the 1 mile course Nick Miller was the best finisher at 6:49 and Heather Hughes was the top female with a time of 11:25.
Ted Romero was first in the 5K race recording a 25:24 and Roxana Candia was the best female at 26:03.
Next week’s race starts atis 6 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 30 at Pinon Elementary School on Grand Canyon Avenue in White Rock.  A 1 mile trail and 4K and 5K paved distances will be available. 
For more information, call 505.672.1639 or visit the Club’s website at