Birds Eye View Of New Co-Op Park Opening On Central

New rendering shows a birds eye view of the Co-Op Park being built on Central Avenue. Courtesy image

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A newly released architectural rendering shows a birds eye view of the Co-Op Park being built on a portion of the parking lot of the Municipal Building on Central Avenue.

The community park is being created in cooperation with the members of Keep It Co-Op, the association of New Mexico credit unions and co-operative businesses.

“Working together, they are investing in their communities, serving their members, and now they are all coming together to create Los Alamos’ new Co-Op Park, a recreation space dedicated to the principles of community ownership in Downtown Los Alamos,” said Los Alamos Schools Credit Union (LASCU) CEO Matt Schmidt. “Many people don’t realize the strength of a co-op, and how common they are.. Across Los Alamos, and the world, co-ops have helped people take an ownership in something much bigger than they could have alone. Credit unions are an excellent example of member-owned co-ops.”

The new Co-Op Park will be adjacent to the new LASCU headquarters at just west of the Municipal Building Central Avenue. It will provide a place for food vendors, music and community gatherings.

“Our cooperative events have included Shred Days for credit union members, allowing them to safely shred personal papers, and we’ve also sponsored the successful Los Alamos Summer Concert Series, and more together,” Schmidt said.

Locally, Keep it Co-Op members include:

  • Los Alamos Schools Credit Union;
  • Del Norte Credit Union;
  • Little Forest Playschool;
  • Zia Credit Union;
  • Los Alamos Co-Op Market; and
  • Bathtub Row Brewing Co-Op.

A Co-Op is an organization that follows the Cooperative Principles and works to build a community-focused economy.

The Cooperative Principles are:

  • Voluntary and open member-ownership
  • Democratic member-owner control
  • Member-owners’ economic participation
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Education, training and information
  • Cooperation among cooperatives
  • Concern for community

The Co-Op Park will officially open on July 3, 2021, which is World Co-Op Day. The organization has launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover some of its construction costs for this monumental undertaking. Find more information at:

Find out more at

About Us:

Keep it Co-op is an association of New Mexico credit unions and co-operative businesses. Working together, it is investing in communities and serving its members.

Co-Op Park legend. Courtesy image