Biologist Cliff Han Presents Community Seminar In Los Alamos On How To Live An Allergy-Free Life Sept. 25

Dr. Cliff Han is appearing 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 25 at ProjectY in Central Park Square to discuss a wide range of topics related to allergies. Courtesy photo


  • Founder of Knoze Jr. and AllerPops offers advice on natural remedies for allergies

In time for the upcoming fall allergy season, physician and biologist Dr. Cliff Han is appearing 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 25 at ProjectY in Central Park Square to discuss a wide range of topics related to allergies.

Cliff S. Han, Ph. D., creator of the all-natural AllerPops allergy remedy has based his techniques on a single yet profound premise: allergies are reversible. Registration for the seminar is free at, but seats are limited.

Dr. Han made the breakthrough in studying his own allergies and lead to the development of AllerPops for long-lasting allergy relief. AllerPops was developed on a revolutionary understanding of relationship between microbiota and the immune system. This understanding can guide us to use many simple practices to become healthier.

Based on the work Dr. Han performed to relieve both his and his son’s allergies, he discovered an unexpected secret to allergies that led to the creation of AllerPops. Dr. Han is offering the upcoming free seminar to discuss this breakthrough and his Theory of Negative Trigger (TNT). Understanding TNT will allow attendees to finally gain control over their allergies, improve overall health and enjoy life more fully.

During the seminar portion, Dr. Han will discuss:

  • The real reason why people have allergies.
  • What people can do to raise allergy-free children.
  • Techniques to help naturally boost the immune system.
  • What approaches to take if one already has allergies or an autoimmune disorder.

In the workshop portion, Dr. Han will equip the audience with the knowledge they need to fight and win allergy battles without multiple costly medicines or repeated visits to allergists and immunologists. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to understand the following:

  • How the immune system interacts with the microbial community to protect the host.
  • Tricks that will help ward off common illnesses and fevers.
  • Simple lifestyle changes that reduce risks of getting cancer.
  • How to balance the immune system to enjoy an allergy-free life at any age.

Allergies are largely the result of the immune-streponella relationship. Streponella is an amalgam term given to a group of harmless, gentle bacteria that normally live in the mouth and respiratory tract. These bacteria generally work in close partnership with the immune system to keep the body in equilibrium. It is the disruption of this balance which leads to allergies, immune disorders and a whole host of other physical illnesses — all of which Dr. Han will discuss in detail during the seminar.

About Knoze Jr. and AllerPops

AllerPops from Knoze Jr. is a product developed by Cliff Han. A trained physician in China, Han later worked in the Los Alamos National Laboratory for two decades as a biologist. Suffering from personal, debilitating allergies, Han decided to craft the perfect natural solution: an easy-to-eat lollipop that contains a mixture of prebiotics which encourage healthy flora growth in the body. Using the same logic that fuels the current probiotics food trend of yogurts and smoothies, Han’s patented allergy candy facilitates the growth of the body’s own natural flora; thus encouraging the delicate balance of microorganisms which can help ameliorate allergic reactions. Learn more about Knoze Jr. and AllerPops at

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