Bill Making Teacher Evaluations More Fair Advances


SANTA FE — Today, Rep. Debra Sariñana’s (D-Albuquerque) bill to make teacher evaluations more fair, HB 163, passed the House Education Committee.

The bill specifically ensures a teacher’s evaluation is not disproportionately affected by students who have too many absences, and therefore have far less classroom hours with that teacher.

“Teachers want evaluations to be fair, and this provision will ensure our educators are not unfairly judged,” Rep. Sariñana said. “Attendance impacts a student’s performance and it’s important that teachers are evaluated fairly based on the students who have the opportunity to be impacted by that teacher.”

The House Education Committee held a three-hour hearing Saturday, Feb. 11 to address teacher evaluations. During the hearing, teachers, parents, students and experts overwhelmingly called for reforms to the current teacher evaluation system.

HB 163 will address concerns raised at the committee hearing, and is one of several bills introduced by House Democrats that will make teacher evaluations more fair for teachers and students.