Bill Introduced to Empower School Districts to Reform Failing Charter Schools

Rep. Nate Cote


SANTA FE – Rep. Nate Cote (D-Doña Ana, Otero-53), has introduced House Bill 453, which will empower school boards to establish corrective action for district charter schools with unsatisfactory audit findings.

HD 453 establishes a process for school districts to make recommendations for reform of charter schools following special or annual audits.

If following a second audit it is determined that the failings of the charter school have not been corrected, school districts would have the ability to transfer charters to the state.

Currently school districts are powerless to address failing charter schools. Through the creation of a chartering authority which conducts annual reviews, the status of charter schools may be reviewed.

If failings are identified, recommendations can be made. After a reasonable time, a follow-up audit will take place. If failings have not been corrected, the charter may be transferred.

“Charter schools that are failing should not be a burden on a school district,” Cote said. “School districts should not be powerless to address the shortcomings in educational standards and every effort should be made to live up to the expectations laid out in a charter. I hope this bill empowers school districts to make the reforms needed to improve failing charter schools.”

HB 453 has been referred to the House Education and Judiciary Committees. You can read HB 453 by clicking here.

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