Big Name For A Big Weed

Christina Nisoli


White Rock resident Christina Nisoli sits under her neighbor’s Guara/Oenothera Parviflora, or evening primrose, as a gauge to its relative height.

The weed popped in Joyce and Walt Wolff’s garden this spring and although these plants are growing in disturbed soil all over White Rock, its name was not familiar to the Wolffs. Los Alamos (PEEC) wildflower expert Chick Keller identified the plant from a photo sent him via email. He said he has never seen one so tall or bushy.

Impressed and curious by both its size and rapid growth, the Wolffs decided to let it grow through the summer.

The plant is shading a tall south facing window and produces pleasant shadows in the living room. It has since blossomed, showering thousands of wee (or weed) seeds all over the ground. The Wolffs needed to prune it severely in order to pass down the garden path. Perhaps letting it grow is a mistake as next spring they must reap what they have sown.

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