Beware of Door-To-Door Magazine Crews

Staff Report

It’s that time of year when magazine peddlers descend on White Rock and Los Alamos neighborhoods.

While some may represent legitimate companies – many do not.

A local resident contacted the Los Alamos Daily Post this morning to say she had been duped:

“Please post to let residents beware. The shady mag crews are in town again. We had one at our door yesterday. I was not aware of this ‘scam’ that goes around and I wrote a check for $66 for a magazine subscription. After I went inside, my 19-year-old daughter explained to me who these young kids really are and what the ‘real’ business is. I looked them up online … and found dozens of consumer complaints in just the first few pages of a Google search. I immediately stopped payment on the check. Please don’t be duped like me. Tell them ‘No thank you’.”

Contact the New Mexico Better Business Bureau before writing a check: