Best-Selling Author John Sandford Joins Hillerman Conference

John Sanford. Courtesy photo

ARTS News:

Wordharvest is pleased to feature The New York Times best-selling author and Santa Fe resident John Sandford at the 10th annual Tony Hillerman Writers Conference in November.

Sandford is the author of 31 published novels, all of which have appeared in one format or another on The New York Times best-seller lists. His latest thriller, Field of Prey, was released this summer to stellar reviews. The Huffington Post calls it “one of his best,” and Booklist named it “another top notch thriller destined for best-seller lists.”

A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, John Sandford has many interests—history, archaeology, outdoor sports, painting and photography. He keeps his hand in the world of journalism and was imbedded with the 2-147 Air Assault Battalion during the Iraq War. His latest book, Uncaged, is the start of a new series for young adults, co-authored with his wife, Michele Cook.

Friday, Nov. 7, Sandford will join the panel presentation, “To Outline or Not to Outline?,” for a lively discussion with Susan Cummins Miller (moderator), Anne Hillerman, Sara Hoklotubbe and CB McKenzie.  

At 7 p.m. Sat., Nov. 8, he and fellow writer David Morrell will present the conference keynote. Their conversation will focus on their favorite topic: writing thrillers.