Beer Co-op’s New Name Is Bathtub Row Brewing!


The results are in, the Board has voted and a decision has been made … the Los Alamos Beer Co-op will soon be doing business as “Bathtub Row Brewing.”

In its recent survey, “Bathtub Row” emerged as the top choice of its member/owners, and has long since been a favorite of the LABC Board of Directors as well.

“While we understand that many of you will be sad to see the LABC name and brand take a step out of the spotlight, we want to assure you that the LABC is not going away — it will remain a key piece of our business identity and a wonderful reminder of our amazing journey to the final destination… opening our very own brewery and taproom,” the board stated today.

“We have contracted with a branding firm out of Portalnd, OR, (Ignite Advertising), and they will be assisting us in developing our new logo and brand identity. Though they served in an advisory role during the naming process, they too are in love with the “Bathtub Row” name and feel it offers us the best chance at success in the increasingly crowded craft beer market.

“We will also be keeping the word “co-op,” though just how it will fit into the logo and/or name yet is still to be decided. We will also be sure that “Los Alamos, New Mexico” is well represented in both our logo and on our packaging.

“We thank you all for your input and patience with us during this process. We understand that many of you may have strong feelings about our name and we want you to know that all of your suggestions were taken into consideration. At the end of the day, however, there can be only one name. And it is our greatest hope that you will all love it as much as we do.”

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