BeeHive Invites Seniors To Drive By On ‘Give Back Day’

BeeHive Homes of White Rock prepares for the holidays and hosts an event beginning at noon Thursday for seniors to drive by and get free desserts and candy at 110 Longview Dr. Courtesy photo

BeeHive Homes prepares for the holidays and Flo is ready for the fun to begin at noon Thursday as she welcomes seniors to drive by and get free desserts and candy at 110 Longview Dr. Courtesy photo

BeeHive Homes News:

They work harder than bees in a hive, but the BeeHive Homes of White Rock staff invites the community into their fun on “give back day” Thursday.

The curbside customer service is their holly jolly way of spreading the joy this holiday season. The BeeHive, located just behind Smith’s in White Rock, will be giving out holiday desserts, cookies and candy to the seniors of the community.

“We isolate now so when we gather again no one will be missing,” Operations Manager Danyell Sena said. “We wanted to give back to seniors in the local area, we know our seniors are taken care of and loved with great food and desserts, we just wanted to share with some other seniors, who may not have the means or ability to enjoy the holidays as our seniors do!” 

The happy, healthy residents of the BeeHive are doing great, as they have adjusted through the pandemic. The staff keeps families updated with activities and pictures they share on their Facebook page. The community can see old friends and virtually participate, to stay involved during a time when they can’t be with their families. Have a look or send a message to someone you love at BeeHive  today.

“We appreciate the craft supplies dropped off by Village Arts, all the cards we get from groups in the local area, we read them and place them on doors and in the dining room for everyone to read and see,” Sena said. “When you drive by and see our residents outside in the sun, honk or wave! Some love to be outside in the sun, even if it’s cold!’ You can wave to those keeping warm just inside the door, too. It warms their hearts just to know folks are saying “hi”.

Staff is tested weekly for COVID-19 with a safety-first attitude. The team disinfects three times a day and follows all COVID protocols, to protect their residents. Everyone takes precautions very seriously.

The BeeHive functions like a family in every way. The staff shares the pain of their residents when they cannot touch their loved ones, especially during the holidays.

The staff works hard to make residents feel comforted, safe and taken care of every day. They always work hard and with a smile on their face.

The community is encouraged to drive by Thursday and honk at residents and staff, too. The fun starts at noon and continues until Chef Grace has given out all of the treats. The BeeHive Home of White Rock is at 110 Longview Dr. … BUZZ on by!

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