‘Becoming Truly Human’ Movie Jan. 29


Saint Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Church is sponsoring a free viewing of the movie “Becoming Truly Human”, 7 p.m., Jan. 29 at the Reel Deal Theater.

Meet a group of men and women who consider themselves “religiously unaffiliated” or “nones” (a term derived from the last box on a religious survey question labeled: “None of the above.”) Learn why they have rejected or at least have serious doubts about Christianity.

And follow Basil as he navigates our modern cultural landscape, engaging with a group of spiritual “nones” in honest and open discussion on religion and spirituality, while recounting his own journey as a “none” in search of spiritual wholeness

This documentary film is ideal for watching in a group or with family. It’s sure to result in a meaningful discussion about what it means to be truly human.