Bear Spotted in Guaje Canyon

The X marks the location where a bear was spotted Sunday in Guaje Canyon. Image by Kei Davis
Staff Report
Early Sunday afternoon, walking up Guaje Canyon from the intersection of Guaje and Rendija canyons, Los Alamos resident Kei Davis and friends were startled by a very near repetitive scrabbling or scratching sound just to one side.  
Apparently they had startled a bear that had been drinking from the watercourse. The sound they heard was the bear climbing up a big Ponderosa about 25-feet from where they were standing.  
The bear was not the largest they’ve seen around the area, but large enough that it certainly had no need to be scared of them.  
As they backed off they bear started climbing down from the tree and Davis and friends did not stick around to snap a photograph … instead they safely left the scene.