Beagle Owner Details Encounter With Mountain Lion

Remy the beagle is recovering from wounds sustained during his encounter with a mountain lion. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

After our walk last night (May 12), I let Remy, our beagle, out into the back yard (Rim Road area) at about 9:30 p.m. to relieve himself. Within a few seconds there was a big ruckus, with Remy baying like a beagle does on a scent.

A fight was underway and I was out of the house immediately to pull Remy off whatever he was going after. Recently there was a cat that he cornered under the deck, so that was my first thought.  Everything was dark, and I saw a white animal writhing on the ground at the edge of dense shrubs in the yard. I thought it must be a white cat that Remy was fighting. 
I was shouting Remy’s name as I arrived at the scene and reached into the shrubs to pull Remy off. As my hands touched the animal doing the attacking, I realized that the “white cat” was actually Remy on his back. A large animal had him pinned by the neck in his jaws. My hands pushed onto the tan shoulders of what I realized too late was a mountain lion.
Remy is recovering from his wounds following his recent encounter with a mountain lion. Courtesy photo

I pulled up as quickly as possible, and so did the lion. He bounded off to the side and Remy took off also. The lion ran along the boat house and jumped the 4-foot-high gate next to the house to escape the back yard. The animal looked to be 5+ feet in length, plus a long tail.

After some searching, my wife Alicia and I found Remy relatively intact. I think he was just a moment away from being disemboweled when I arrived.
The emergency hospital (in Santa Fe) dressed his wounds and he is back home.
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