Bathtub Row’s New Head Brewer: Nic Boyden

TUB News:
Hello, my name is Nic Boyden and I am excited to be your new brewer! 
I have been brewing for 10 years now, nearly six professionally. I started out at the fast-paced, large-scale craft brewing operation at Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Colo. There I got to work in every aspect of production in a very specialized environment, be it bottling, canning, kegging, celllaring, brewing, or barrel herding. I then moved on to Elevation Beer Co. in Poncha Springs, Colo.
At that much smaller but rapidly growing brewery I was able to translate my skills to optimize the limited brewing operation and introduce a greater attention to Quality Control through instrumentation and process. I also took ownership of recipe development and nearly 200 oak barrels.
All of this prepared me to step up to a smaller brewery. I am eager to fill our glasses with new experimental beers as well as time-tested favorites. And I also look forward to returning to my home state to not only join your brewery staff, but also your community. So wherever you see me, say hello and let’s have a pint!
Note: Boyden needs to find a place to live. With summer students in town, housing options are slim. Anyone who knows of any rental opportunities around Los Alamos or White Rock (1-2 bedroom, pet friendly), email us ASAP.