Barton Wins $500 In Rotary’s ‘Pay It Forward’ Raffle

The Rotary Club of Los Alamos conducted the first drawing in its Pay it Forward fundraising raffle Saturday night at the club’s seventh annual Crab Fest.
The names of three winners were drawn for cash prizes of $500, $250 and $100. The $500 winner was J. Barton of Arizona.
When contacted about winning the $500 prize, Barton stated, “I bought a ticket from my brother-in-law, a Rotarian in Los Alamos, because he had told me about all the good things the local club does. I was glad to donate, but I am, of course, even happier to win.”
When he was told that his ticket would be re-entered in the remaining five drawings, he added “That’s excellent! I’m going to consider buying more tickets.”
If Barton does buy more tickets$50 eachhis odds of winning will be only slightly diminished as there are still five drawings left before the end of June. The next drawing will be held at the lunchtime Rotary Club meeting Tuesday, March 15.
Sources conducting the raffle report that the full allotment of 350 tickets has not sold out, so the odds of winning a cash prize are still quite good. (The source, however, would not reveal how many tickets remain to be sold, so be sure to buy one soon!)
To purchase a ticket before the March 15 drawing, contact any one of the Rotary Club’s 65 members or contact Rob Metcalf at 505.670.8336, or Alison Pannell at 505.570.0629.
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