Barranca’s Lynne Higdon Named 2014 NM Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year!

Lynne Higdon holding her awards for New Mexico Elementary PE Teacher of the Year. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

Lynne Higdon, the physical education teacher at Barranca Elementary School, was named the 2014 New Mexico Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year.

The announcement was made at the State PE Conference in Albuquerque.

Higdon demonstrates rope turning in Double Dutch. Courtesy/LAPS

Higdon has served as the PE teacher at Barranca for the past 10 years. She is well respected for her comprehensive physical education program that introduces students to a wide array of activities. She also is credited for extending physical activities by hosting community events such as an outside games day for families, family hikes in the Jemez and a family golf outing.

Among writing supportive letters for Higdon’s nomination for the award was Director of Curriculum and Instruction Pam Miller, who described Higdon as a “conscientious individual who works hard to make sure that students complete every task to the best of their ability. Ms. Higdon uses her enthusiasm and experience to ignite students’ eagerness to participate in class.”

Fun activities include juggling. Courtesy/LAPS

Superintendent Gene Schmidt also wrote a supportive letter stating, “Ms. Higdon sees students as becoming life-long learners and these skills are introduced as building blocks for more complex skill sets to follow. Her students benefit in a fashion that their learning becomes a life-long habit.”

Higdon exudes many qualities deserving state recognition. She is ever the champion for struggling students. She creates a healthy, safe, and positive environment that students feel encouraged to try new skills with the confidence that peers will be supportive and nurturing in the process.

Higdon accepted her recognition with humbleness stating, “It was exciting to be allowed to do all the things that I do.” She attributed this freedom to the helpfulness of the Barranca staff and support from her teaching peers. 

In a thank you note to the Barranca staff, Higdon said, “I want to say that you have given me an environment in which I can thrive! … I am so lucky to work in a school that values physical activity for students and a place where you are flexible so I can do my job. Without a school that supports students’ physical activity there can be no happy and successful PE teacher. Thank you all so much!”