Barranca Elementary Class Executes Business Plan

Dana Kline, fifth grade math teacher at Barranca Mesa Elementary, started the school year in a big way with a math-based project called Lemonade Stand! Students brainstormed, researched, did a lot of math, and wrote a business plan to sell lemonade. One group of the three classes who wrote exemplary plans and were selected to set up a stand and sell lemonade. They made their own sign, shopped for ingredients and supplies, made the product and learned how to make change. The profits will go to the Los Alamos County Animal Shelter or LA Cares Food Bank. Photo by John McHale/

Students lined up to buy lemonade after school. Photo by John McHale/

Sam Hughes and his mom make a purchase. Photo by John McHale/

Student Kaji Park makes a curbside delivery. Photo by John McHale/

The business plan submitted by the winning class. Photo by John McHale/

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