Bandelier Mastermind Council Wins National Park Service Intermountain Region’s 2018 Leadership Award

Members of the Bandelier Mastermind Council hold their 2018 Leadership Awards. Courtesy/Bandelier
Bandelier Superintendent Jason Lott is proud to announce that the Bandelier Mastermind Council was the group winner of the National Park Service Intermountain Region’s 2018 Leadership Award.  

National Park Service Intermountain Region’s 2018 Leadership Award. Courtesy/Bandelier

The Mastermind Council consists of eight staff members: Robert Harper, Maintenance Mechanic; Myron Gonzales, Preservationist; JT Stark, Exhibits Specialist; Jorge Maldonado, Facilities Management Specialist; Jamie Civitello, Archeologist; Geoff Goins, Supervisory Interpretation Park Ranger; Kevin Stillman, Trails Crew Leader, and Kim Carrasco, Assistant to the Superintendent.
“Leadership is about so much more than position, It’s about attitude, influence, motivation, and working with others to make things happen. It can be direct, but it can also be subtle,” Intermountain Regional Director Sue Masica said.
The Bandelier Management Team nominated the Mastermind Council for this inaugural award, and noted that the council was established in 2016 “to provide an additional voice for the park’s line staff, as a venue to foster ideas and recommendations for enhancing morale and the workplace environment, and to provide an additional opportunity to further develop leadership within the park.”  
In their nomination, park management realized that Bandelier had something special, a true voice for the park’s staff – one that was constructive, enhanced the park’s team and work environment, and was highly successful in implementing positive change for the park.
In establishing a foundation for the Mastermind Council, professional Leadership Coach and Mastermind Facilitator LeAnne Parsons was contracted for the first year to support the Mastermind in establishing a council “model” that would be positively-oriented with a good strategy for setting goals and communicating with the Management Team and park staff. Parsons supported the group in building problem-solving strategies, communication skills and embracing the “big picture.”
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