Bandelier Gets Valuable Help From Friends Group

Courtesy photo

Ever since 1987, the Friends of Bandelier have supported the park, providing funding for projects that couldn’t have been done within Bandelier’s regular budget.

With money raised from members all over the country and beyond, through the years these projects have included biological surveys, post-fire recovery studies, handicap ramps for the parking area, campsite upgrades, archeological surveys, mapping ancient trails, pueblo crafts demonstrations, and more. 

Projects that have been approved for funding in 2018 include: 

  • $10,000 Bee Survey (a multi-year project)
  • $10,000 Support for Trail Work (a multi-year project)
  • $ 8,000 Wilderness Ranger position
  • $ 5,500 Fire Ecology Student Conservation intern
  • $ 3,000 Fish Trackers
  • $ 2,200 Pika Data Loggers
  • $ 2,000 Replicas of Historic CCC Tinware 
  • $ 1,600 Annual Passes for new citizens at Naturalization Ceremony
  • $ 1,200 Flags and flag cases for new citizens at Naturalization Ceremony
  • $ 1,000 Bird Banding Training
  • $ 775 System for displaying art by Artists-in-Residence
With the energy and enthusiasm of new President Craig Martin, the Friends group has recently become more visible, with a new website at, as well as more activity on their Facebook page. 

According to Bandelier Superintendent Jason Lott, “Ever since Dorothy Hoard got the Friends started over 30 years ago, they have provided tremendous support to the park. We are grateful to Craig (Martin) for continuing the leadership of the group, and hope that everyone who cares about Bandelier will consider becoming a member.”

Membership is $25 per year, and includes a regular newsletter to bring members up to date on activities of the Friends and the park. The Friends’ address is PO Box 1282, Los Alamos, NM 87544 and their email is

To find out more about Bandelier National Monument, check out the park website at or Facebook page at BandelierNPS.