Baldrige Foundation Accepting Leadership Award Nominations



The Baldrige Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2015 Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award. The award is presented annually at the Quest for Excellence conference.

In 2013, Sister Mary Jean Ryan, board chair of SSM Health Care, received the Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award. As former president and CEO of SSM Health Care, Sister Mary Jean led the St. Louis-based organization to become the first health care organization to receive a Baldrige Award in 2002.

Baldrige Foundation Board Chair George Benson said that the leadership award—named for the director emeritus of the Baldrige Program who retired in 2012—was well-deserved by Sister Mary Jean. “During her 25 year tenure at SSMHC, Sister Mary Jean has demonstrated visionary leadership that has propelled the health care system to be one of the finest in the nation,” Benson said.

The Harry S. Hertz Leadership Award is given annually by the Baldrige Foundation to the person who best demonstrates leadership behaviors consistent with the core values of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. Those core values are visionary leadership, customer-focused excellence, organizational and personal learning, valuing workforce members and partners, agility, managing for innovation, management by fact, societal responsibility, focus on results and creating value, and a systems perspective.

Nominations are being sought across the nation to identify exemplar leaders for recognition with this prestigious award. A description of the award, the award criteria and nomination process, and the members of the selection committee can be found at For further information, email questions to