Balderas: Convicted Teacher Gets 108 Years In Prison

Former teacher Gary Gregor
AG News:
SANTA FE Attorney General Hector Balderas announced Thursday that Gary Gregor, the teacher who sexually assaulted multiple students in Rio Arriba County was sentenced to more than a century in prison.
In December, AG Balderas successfully secured multiple convictions against Gregor, for sexually assaulting 4th grade students during the 2007-2008 school year at Fairview Elementary School.
“Dangerous criminals who harm children deserve to be behind bars,” Balderas said. “We will always fight to give a voice to sexual abuse survivors.”
A jury of Gregor’s peers found him guilty of 3 counts of 1st-Degree Felony Criminal Sexual Penetration of a Minor, 5 counts of 1st-Degree Kidnapping, and 4 counts of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Contact of a Minor.
The New Mexico Office of the Attorney General has two additional pending trials against Gregor for additional alleged crimes against children. Those trials are set for later this year.