Axis Communications Names Jemez Technology TI Partner Of The Year

Jemez Technology named 2015 Technology Integration Partner of the Year. Courtesy photo
ACCC News:
Jemez Technology was named 2015 Technology Integration Partner of the Year by Axis Communications at its 10th annual Axis Connect & Converge Conference (ACCC). Axis, the global leader in network video, presented these annual awards to top channel, software and technology partners.
Jemez Technology at 113 Longview Dr. in White Rock was established by a team of former engineers and scientists from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This team brings many decades of national security experience to the nation’s critical security challenges.  Jemez Technology applies this experience toward the development of the industry’s most advanced image processing technology for video surveillance threat detection and tracking. Its mission is to help prevent – rather than simply detect – security threats.
Jemez Technology received 2015 Technology Integration Partner of the Year award for the innovative integration of its Eagle-i Edge™ Perimeter Surveillance Control System, the company’s powerful embedded camera-to-camera software application built upon the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP).
Strong collaboration between the Axis and Jemez Technology technical teams resulted in a solution with unparalleled system performance and optimized for Axis camera networks. The Eagle-i Edge™ ACAP solution gives end-users ease-of-integration with existing security infrastructure and leading video management systems, enhances camera performance, and lowers operational costs through server, storage and network bandwidth reduction.
“Jemez has consistently delivered best-in-class critical infrastructure protection solutions, including the Eagle-i Edge™ long-range, wide-area perimeter surveillance application exclusively optimized for Axis camera networks,” said Alex Walthers, business development manager, Application Development Program, at Axis Communications, Inc. “We are thrilled to honor them as our Integration Technology Partner of the Year and look forward to future innovations with them.”
Eagle-i Edge™ incorporates the power of Jemez Technology’s field-proven image processing technology into a powerful and highly-accurate perimeter surveillance offering for customers that until now has not been possible as an embedded edge-based camera application.
Ideal for airports, power substations, petrochemical and industrial assets, corporate campuses as well as government facilities, the advanced Eagle-i Edge™ solution helps proactively detect—rather than simply record—security threats. This solution effectively accelerates the detect-and-response capability of security teams, reducing personnel risk, property losses and business disruption.
Ted Turner, Jemez Technology director of sales, stated, “Jemez is honored to be recognized by Axis with this award. We believe the combination of Eagle-i Edge™ and Axis cameras brings a competitive advantage to the marketplace equal to none.”
“Axis partners are not only part of the industry’s largest professional network, but are also an extension of our team,” said Larry Newman, senior director of sales, Axis Communications, Inc. “It is an honor to bring together the top companies in our industry at ACCC and recognize those strong relationships and shared sense of leadership in providing innovative security and business solutions. These companies are leading the way to a smarter and safer world for all.”
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