AVID Going Strong At Los Alamos Middle School

The LAMS AVID team, from left, Anna Vargas-Gutierrez, Suzuko Grow, Sherri Bublitz, Andy Ainsworth, Eva Abeyta and Suzanne Montoya. Not pictured, Craig Washnock. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a new elective class for middle school students this year that helps prepare them for high school and college by teaching study and organizational skills. 

This is the first year for the AVID program at the Los Alamos Middle School. The AVID team attended Summer Institute training in June and consists of: Andy Ainsworth, Eva Abeyta, Sherri Bublitz, Suzanne Montoya, Suzuko Grow, Craig Washnok, and Anna Gurierrez ( School Coordinator). There are currently three AVID elective classes and an enrollment of 50 students

Wednesday, Sept. 28, Denise Campbell (AVID State Director) conducted a site visit and program review at the Middle School. The walkthrough focused on AVID Essentials:

  • 1. Instruction/WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading);
  • 2. Culture;
  • 3. Leadership; and
  • 4. Systems. 

AVID Elective teachers and content teachers are implementing many AVID strategies, including: interactive Notebooks, Cornell Notes, quick writes, collaborative structures, learning styles inventories, binders, planners, and higher level inquiry.

Campbell commended LAMS staff on their progress and implementation of the AVID program,

“Don’t forget to stop and celebrate your successes. I feel your team is one who will always feel they need to do more. Remember to recognize that in a few short weeks, you have done much. AVID is not easy, but you really are making it look that way.  Thank you for opening your classrooms to me.”

The AVID program needs tutors for the elective classes.Tutors are needed two days a week between the hours of 8-8:47 a.m. and 10:42-11:29 a.m. Please consider either volunteering as an AVID tutor or recruiting others who may be interested.Please call or email Anna Gutierrez for more information about tutors.To learn more about AVID go to www.avid.org.