Author Of Groundbreaking Literacy Tool Offers Seminar

ELTS News:
SANTA FE  The Color Vowel™ Chart, a visual-kinesthetic tool for teaching the sounds of English and recently adopted by the U.S. Department of State Office of English Language Programs, will be introduced at a local seminar Friday, May 8.
Literacy tutors, reading specialists, ESL/bilingual teachers, speech therapists and educational leaders are encouraged to register for this one-day event is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Sage Inn.
“The very terms we currently use to address literacy are outdated and misleading,” said Karen Taylor de Caballero, author of The Color Vowel™ Chart. “The Color Vowel™ Chart provides parents, teachers and learners with an accurate, intuitive vocabulary and visual reference for mastering the sounds and spellings of the English language that are the foundation of functional literacy.” she continues, “With 46 percent of New Mexicans falling into the functionally illiterate category, we need a common foundation that will bridge the needs of children and adults, native and non-native speakers of English, and the Color Vowel™ Chart provides that foundation.”
The one-day workshop is a chance for professionals and advocate parents to discover what Taylor de Caballero has taught for more than 15 years to audiences worldwide. The linguistically vetted approach has been adopted by the Peace Corps, U.S. Department of State, and universities, literacy organizations and K-12 schools across the country. Taylor de Caballero developed the concept with Shirley Thompson at the University of Maryland in 1999.
“Vowels are a mysterious and powerful element of the English language. Vowels baffle foreign speakers, puzzle emergent readers and trip up many with learning differences,” said Taylor de Caballero. “Our methodology starts with how we learn as humansthe spoken languageand then translates the spoken word and its component phonemes into something tangible, memorable, and concrete.”
To register for the seminar, visit Cost for participation is $75 and includes materials. Advance registration is required. Learn more about upcoming events and initiatives at
About The Color Vowel™ Chart:
The Color Vowel™ Chart is a visual-kinesthetic tool that supports a simple, transformational approach to teaching the sounds of English as a foundation for literacy and language learning. Developed by Karen Taylor de Caballero and Shirley Thompson, the Chart has been adopted worldwide. Learn more at
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