Aspen School Staff Member: There Is A Place…

Collage of selfies taken with more than 40 Aspen Elementary School teachers and staff by Ramiro A. Pereyra III (Trey) in the Produce Department at Smith’s Marketplace where he works a second job when not teaching at Aspen. Courtesy/Ramiro A. Pereyra III (Trey)


Los Alamos

There is a place…

For the last year and half, there is a place in Los Alamos I call my second home and my second family. As a child I went to Aspen Elementary School and just like every child in Los Alamos I learned my alphabet, to add and subtract, to read and write, and everything else we learn as children. I was taught by an amazing group of teachers and found some great friends.

Since I left Aspen back in 2009, a lot has happened in my life. It seems like a lifetime has gone by since I left but somehow I found my way back. In 2015 I walked back into the doors of Aspen not as a student, but as a staff member. When I came back I never imagined I would ever find a family. I worked several jobs before Aspen and none seemed to be the right fit. I thought going into my position it would be like all the others, just a job. To my surprise, it was way more than I could have asked for. I found a group of people who are not only amazing teachers but great friends, mentors and supervisors. The staff I now call my friends and family, welcomed me as one of them. They made me feel valued, loved, inspired, energized and proud to be working alongside them.

After half a year, I decided I needed to get a second job. I applied to Smith’s Marketplace as a produce clerk. Since getting my position at Smith’s, there have been more than 40 selfies taken in the Produce Department with my Aspen family. They created a challenge to take at least one selfie with me in my department to remind me that they are always there to bring even more smiles to my day.

This year is my second year at Aspen and I am thrilled to continue on my journey with these amazing teachers. I found a second home with them and have gained a second family. I cannot wait to have this year with them, as well as many more in the future. I feel blessed knowing there is a place I truly fit in.

Thank you to the Aspen Staff and those at LAPS for making me feel part of the team.