Aspen Parking Construction Nears Completion

The Jaynes Construction crew works feverishly to complete the paving of Aspen Elementary parking lot, not only racing the rain but also the start of school next Thursday. Superintendent Schmidt thanks the Aspen community for their patience during the school construction project. Courtesy/LAPS

Paving nears completion on the Aspen parking lot with the new school visible in the background. Jaynes Construction, weather permitting, plans to stripe the parking lot Monday. Courtesy/LAPS

Jaynes Construction Superintendent Sam Burns receives the thanks of LAPS Superintendent Gene Schmidt for his crew’s efforts to complete the outdoor paving before the start of the school year. Burns and Schmidt are pictured standing on the north side of the building that will become the staff parking lot. Courtesy/LAPS

Jaynes Construction Superintendent Sam Burns recently received the 2014 American Sub Contractor’s Construction Superintendent of the Year award. Burns is the construction superintendent of the Aspen Elementary School project. Courtesy/LAPS