Aspen Elementary School Students Taught Importance Of Recycling Through Creation Of Art Projects

Aspen Elementary School 1st grade students create bees using TP rolls and newspaper Aspen’s All Student Recycled Art Show was canceled due to the school closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Aspen Art Teacher Britt Williams taught all of Aspen’s students about the importance of recycling through these art projects. Courtesy/AES

Aspen 2nd grade students create cows and pigs using recycled containers, TP rolls and corks. Courtesy/AES

Aspen 3rd grade students create portraits using egg cartons, recycled objects and donated ‘do-dads’. Courtesy/AES

Aspen 4th grade students create Robots using recycled boxes, containers, etc. Each class created a larger teacher robot as well. Courtesy/AES

Aspen 6th grade students create scenes using cut up plastic bags and recycled cardboard for a matte. Courtesy/AES

Aspen 5th grade students create a group project – Papier-mache Animals – Groups chose animals affected by plastic or pollution. Used colored donated ‘junk’ items to surround them and made the base from recycled cardboard and boxes. Courtesy/AES

Aspen Art Club students create flowers and grass for the art installation using plastic bottles. Courtesy/AES

Aspen K students create ladybugs using plastic bottles and donated golf balls. Courtesy/AES

Aspen ILP students create caterpillars using egg cartons. Courtesy/AES

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