Aspen Elementary School Ground Is Broken!

LAPS School Board President Jim Hall addresses the crowd at this morning’s ground breaking ceremony at Aspen Elementary School at 2182 33rd St. Photo by Bob Beberniss

Staff Report

A ground breaking ceremony this morning offically launched a major overhaul of Aspen Elementary School’s aging buildings at 2182 33rd St.

The community’s approval of a $20 million bond last January, makes it possible to rebuild at Aspen as well as upgrade utilities and maintenance at other schools in the district.

With passage of the bond, the State of New Mexico is providing an additional $5.4 million in matching funds for the construction at Aspen Elementary.

During the construction process, a campus of 18 portables will be the temporary school for Aspen’s 400 students and staff until spring 2015. The architectural firm of Vigil and Associates was selected to design the new Aspen Elementary and Jaynes Construction was chosen as the builder.

Photo by Bob Beberniss

Photo by Bob Beberniss

Photo by Bob Beberniss