Ashley Pond Excavation Set For Wednesday

The water in Ashley Pond was nearly drained by late Monday afternoon in preparation for a remodeling project. The pond will be restocked with sunfish, catfish, bass and trout once the projct is completed. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Los Alamos County’s contractor, RMCI, has completed mobilization and it is anticipated that they will begin excavation of the pond Wednesday, June 19.

Last week, all remaining ducks were gathered and transported to facilities at the County’s Pajarito Cliffs Site, where they will remain until the project is completed. Care of the ducks is being provided by the Duck Buddies, a local group. The pond was drained and fish removed by the end of the day Saturday. Approximately 60 fish, some 24” long, were removed and taken to the Eco-Station. With the completion of this work, the Parks Division’s involvement with the pond construction perimeter is finished.

The County announced last week that the pond would not be re-stocked in November; however, this is incorrect. The pond will be restocked using a special “fish recipe” to safely re-introduce aquatic life into the pond that is beneficial to its operation as well as providing an attraction.

The types of fish include sunfish, catfish, bass and trout. Some of the fish will be restocked this fall, with others being added in the spring, as conditions for cold and warm water ponds and the type of fish that can be introduced may vary from season to season.

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