Ashley Pond Duck Roundup

Parks Division Manager Dick McIntyre and Sallye Sibbitt of Duck Buddies stand near a cage filled with ducks removed Wednesday from Ashley Pond. Photo by Greg Kendall/ladailypost

Los Alamos Daily Post

Los Alamos County Parks Department employees have been slowly draining the water in Ashley Pond in preparation for this summer’s remodeling project.

A work crew Wednesday rounded up the handful of remaining ducks living at the pond. Some of those ducks fly short distances and evaded the crew for many hours. By the end of the day, all but a young, fast-footed mallard had been captured. Crews returned Thursday morning and caught the illusive mallard.

The ducks were transported to a holding facility at the County’s Pajarito Cliffs Complex where they will be cared for by the local “Duck Buddies” organization, headed by Sallye Sibbitt. 

“Dick (McIntyre – Parks Division Manager) and his crew have done a really good job of capturing the ducks without harming them. They look very healthy,” Sibbitt told the Los Alamos Daily Post.

The County plans to return the ducks to Ashley Pond once the remodel project is completed in late summer. 

To join Duck Buddies, volunteer or make a contribution to help care for the ducks, contact Sibbitt at 662-3834.

Parks crews herd ducks to capture them with large nets. Photo by Greg Kendall/

A near miss by parks crew members as a wiley duck eludes capture. The final ducks captured Wednesday were the best and brightest at Ashley Pond. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Workers corner a duck against a fence. Photo by Greg Kendall/

The captured duck joins his ‘buddies’ in a cage used to transport the small flock to Pajarito Cliffs where they will be cared for by Duck Buddies. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Parks Division Manager Dick McIntyre, foreground, his crew move in to capture a duck at Ashley Pond. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Got him. Only one duck to go, but he is a young mallard who puts up a valiant battle, leaving crew members to return to the hunt the following morning. Photo by Greg Kendall/
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