Ashley Pond Algae Treatment Continues


Parks Superintendent Jeff Humpton provided an update today regarding recent activity to treat algae in Ashley Pond. The algae has been noticeable to visitors who inquired about whether or not the pond water was “healthy” and was first identified as an issue last year.

The County contracted with a specialist, Jason Rector from Wildcat Environmental, to help with pond management. Last fall, Rector treated the algae in the pond with a product that is an environmentally friendly, safe algaecide. Additionally, the County released 30 sterile grass carp into the pond. The carp eat the thread grass in the pond which reduces the overall aquatic vegetation, which improves the pond’s overall health, Humpton said. Once the carp reach maturity, they should reduce the thread grass substantially.

Until then, and especially during the warmer months when algae thrives in the pond, Rector will increase treatments while monitoring and testing pond water to ensure a high quality environment. In addition, Parks crews will increase the frequency of pond skimming to remove the algae, as well as other nuisance materials in the pond surrounds.

Citizens queried whether or not the algae is impacting the fish population, but Humpton said the fish are healthy and doing quite well in the pond right now.