Art Teachers Collaborate With Los Alamos County Environmental Services

School Arts Magazine Editor Nancy Walkup explains the process of paper marbling. This project connects science and art. Courtesy photo
LAPS News:
The Los Alamos Public Schools art teachers, classroom teachers, and Josh Levings from the Los Alamos County Environmental Services learned about the possibilities using trash items in art from Santa Fe artist, Susan Todd.
Todd specializes in art made from recycled materials and has sold items she created in more than 80 stores worldwide. She amazed the group with background information on the impact of trash items on the Earth. It led to a better understanding of how teachers can have an impact by showing students the need to recycle trash and in turn students can inform their parents.
The Los Alamos County Environmental Services with the help of manger, Angelica Gurule, collaborated with LAPS to initiate the community Recycled Fashion Show and the Recycle Poster Contest for the elementary students. Entry forms can be obtained on the county site or from the LAPS art teachers.
The teachers spent the afternoon with inspirational art teacher and editor of School Arts Magazine, Nancy Walkup. She fascinated teachers with a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics) lesson to create beautiful marbleized paper. This lesson connected art with the study of surface tension.
Stephanie Rittner, Pinon art teacher creates a picture using food and grocery bags. Courtesy photo
Stephanie Rittner saves Daisy Gorman-Nichols, Mountain art teacher, as she dives into a sea of plastic bags. Courtesy photo
Susan Todd, recycle artist from Santa Fe was the artist in residence for the LAPS Art Team. She helped teachers to bring a better understanding of recycling to the classroom with many activities. Courtesy photo
Renee Mitsunaga tries marbling paper with Tammy Hinckley and Lisa Fisher observing. Courtesy photo
Laura Parkison, art teacher from LAMS displays her recycled grocery bag creation. Courtesy photo
Josh Levings, representative from Los Alamos County Environmental Services participates in art making. Courtesy photo
Britt Williams, Aspen art teacher shows her creation out of grocery bags. Courtesy photo
Britt Williams and Lisa Fisher having a great time with marbling. Courtesy photo