Art In Public Places And Los Alamos County Golf Course Working Together

Nexus in its current location at Central and Trinity. Courtesy photo
Art in Public Places Board

The Art in Public Places Board has been working closely with the Los Alamos County Golf Course on a few projects.

Currently, the Art Board is working with Albuquerque artist Doug Czor, on final details of the design for a glass sculpture to be installed at the Golf Course Community Building. This piece will span the hallway ceiling space from the entrance through the restaurant to the exit.

The sculpture will be assembled by clustering groups of dichroic glass panels. We are excited about this project as it will be our first installation of public art that is a suspended sculpture in addition to the only glass piece in the collection. Dichroic products are a thin film technology built right into the glass creating an interesting iridescent visual effect; the glass partially transmits a color and partially reflects the opposite color. The sculpture design includes LED spotlights, which will project white light on the clusters of panels, producing a colorful display on the walls and ceiling.

On another project, the Art in Public Places Board began collaborating with San Ildefonso Pueblo artists in February of 2014 to paint large concrete replicas of ancestral Pueblo pottery. The Board was faced with a problem of finding a space in town suitable for the very large replicas to be stored and suitable for the artists to do their work. 

The Golf Course staff kindly offered their equipment maintenance shed as it was not in use during the winter and it was certainly big enough to hold all six replicas. The pottery replicas were delivered in early November and the artists began painting in mid-November. Just this week the painting portion of the project was completed and we are looking forward to a projected installation of early May. The plate will be installed on the exterior of the White Rock Visitors Center and the remaining pots will be installed along the N.N. 4 corridor, on both sides of the highway through White Rock.   

Replica pottery stored at Golf Course, ready for installation. Courtesy photo

The Board will be presenting to County Council on March 22, a proposal to relocate to the Golf Course, a sculpture already in the public collection. This sculpture, “Nexus,” is on the elevated pocket park where N.M. 502 forks and becomes Trinity Drive and Central Avenue. In 2017, this area will undergo some major roadway construction and Art in Public Places Board will have to either relocate or store the sculpture. 

We have found what we think is a very nice location. There is a grassy area beside the Golf Course Community Building south west of the old Pro Shop that is being removed. The Board has already received input from the golfing community and we are interested in hearing from the community at large. If our recommendation is approved, the County will hopefully have the sculpture installed sometime this summer.

Across the nation and in New Mexico, the Art in Public Places movement started in the mid 1980’s. At that time, many governmental entities started assessing a small percentage for public art based on the project budgets for construction projects. Here in Los Alamos, the Art in Public Places account is funded by 1 percent on capital improvement projects and .5 percent on roadway projects over $20,000. The money can be used for non-ephemeral art such as sculptures, paintings, benches, tapestries, photographs, and also includes architectural features and landscaping. The money can also be used for maintenance of the art.

Los Alamos Art in Public Places Board meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in room 110  in the Municipal Building. We are looking for one additional board member as one member’s term just ended last month. Contact Libby Carlsten at if interested in joining Art in Public Places as a member of the board.

Contact APPB at with any comments or questions related to the proposed relocation of “Nexus” or any other public art.