Art Exhibition Opening: Andrew Fisher In Santa Fe July 31

Gilded tapestries and metal sculptures by Andrew Fisher at LewAllen Galleries July 31 in Santa Fe. Courtesy/LewAllen Galleries

LewAllen Galleries News:

SANTA FE — Andrew Fisher creates luminous gilded tapestries and metal sculptures that employ radiant, cascading rhythms of gridded texture and mesmerizing plays of light and color.

Recognized also as a prominent, Elle Décor‐endorsed interior designer, Andrew Fisher draws on his background in metalsmithing and sculpture to create alchemical works in both two and three dimensions that inquire upon the spiritual properties of light. Illumination, an exhibition of recent work by Fisher, goes on view at LewAllen Galleries Friday, July 31, and extends through Saturday, Aug. 29 at 1613 Paseo De Peralta in Santa Fe.

Working at the seam between fine art and craft, Fisher brings to his work a sophisticated approach to materials and surface. His finely detailed works glimmer with sumptuous texture, delighting the eye at close range and collecting into magnificent flourishes of silver and gold color when viewed at a distance.

In his art, Fisher applies moon gold (22.5‐karat), champagne gold (23‐karat), or 24‐karat yellow gold to canvas or paper, which is then meticulously hand‐sewn in intricate arrangements that resemble mosaic floors or glowing textiles. His careful patterning retains an organic quality that conjoins this refined approach to materials with a sense of looseness that evokes the memory of the artist’s hand.

While wall‐hanging art is a focal point of his practice, Fisher’s oeuvre also features dramatic sculptures in steel and brass—also gilded with 24‐karat gold—that mirror his interest in materials and processes outside of the typical domain of fine art.

Libro, for example, is a mesmerizing, book‐like sculptural work made from materials such as steel mesh, paper, and gold leaf. The work suggests perhaps a kind of holy text—or illuminated manuscript—for our contemporary world.

Across the body of work included in Illumination is a profound meditative quality engendered through Fisher’s use of sacred geometry and iconographic designs, obliquely evoking various religious symbols. Not unlike the feeling of spirituality found in the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Fisher’s art has the capacity to provoke a calming and transformative feeling of beauty.

Living and working in San Francisco and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Andrew Fisher earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors in Sculpture, Drawing, and Metal Arts from the California College of the Arts. He has achieved wide recognition for his achievements in interior design, including recognition from Elle Décor, which included his firm Fisher Weisman in its A‐List of the world’s top designers.

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