Armstrong Bill To Create Public-Private Partnership To Fight Diabetes In New Mexico Passes House

Rep. Debbie Armstrong
The New Mexico House of Representatives unanimously passed HB 87 Monday, a bill sponsored by Rep. Debbie Armstrong to help reduce diabetes in New Mexico by creating a public-private partnership to help state agencies develop strategies to combat diabetes among the populations they serve.
Specifically, under HB 87, the Secretary of Health would convene a Diabetes Committee of state agencies including:
  • The Department of Health,
  • The Corrections Department,
  • The Human Services Department,
  • The Aging and Long-term Services Department
  • The Indian Affairs Department,
  • The Public Education Department,
  • The Interagency Benefits Advisory Committee,
  • The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, and
  • A telehealth program operated by a university in New Mexico with a medical school.
The committee would also involve private organizations, including the American Diabetes Association of New Mexico, each of the managed health care organizations that provide coverage to Medicaid recipients, and members of the medical community who work in diabetes care and education.
By working collaboratively, committee members will create a plan to reduce the incidence of diabetes statewide. Committee members would identify goals and benchmarks for the member agencies to reduce the incidence of diabetes and costs related to complications from diabetes around the state. 
“There is no easy solution when it comes to stopping the spread of diabetes in New Mexico,” Armstrong said. “We must come together to find strategies that work. This committee allows for the collaboration among public agencies, private organizations and health care providers that is needed to stop this epidemic before it hurts any more families.”
HB 87 now heads to the Senate for consideration.