Annual Statewide Prostate Cancer Conference Goes Virtual


This year’s Prostate Cancer Support Association of New Mexico (PCSANM) free state-wide conference is going virtual.

Titled “Your Path”, the conference is 9 a.m. to noon, Nov. 7 and Nov. 14. Each day will feature a different agenda, which has been designed to simultaneously attract men and women who want to learn about the options for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. But also, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants serving in remote practices throughout this large and very rural state.

Registration is easy. Simply to go and click “Register for the Conference.” A replay of the entire two-day conference also will be available on the support group’s website.

The Nov. 7 presentations:

  • Jerome Baca, PA-C, Lovelace Urology Group. Topics of importance for primary-care-level professionals, such as the PSA blood test, digital rectal exam, family history, ethnicity, age, and when a biopsy should be performed.
  • Dr. Larry Massie, Chief of Pathology at the New Mexico VA Hospital in Albuquerque. The sometimes confusing and evolving terminology and guidelines for interpreting the results of a prostate biopsy in determining the severity of a newly diagnosed man’s prostate cancer.
  • Dr. Satyan Shah, Urologist at UNM Hospital and Comprehensive Cancer Center. A comprehensive exploration of the grade levels of risk based upon screening and testing and the treatments appropriate to each level.

The Nov. 14 presentations:

  • Dr. Aaron Geswaldo, Lovelace Urology Group. Why certain treatments such as active surveillance are preferred for lower-grade cancer and why other groups of treatment are more logical and favorable for higher-grade disease.
  • Dr. Thomas Schroeder, Radiation Oncologist at UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center. Details about surgery, radiation, and oncological approaches to treatment, and how and when combinations are recommended.
  • Dr. Barbara McAneny, founder of the New Mexico Cancer Center, and past president of the American Medical Association. New Mexico physicians’ efforts to increase medical coverage in the state’s remote areas.