Animal Control Rescues Injured Ducks Left At Ashley Pond

The two injured ducks left at Ashley Pond are now being cared for at Chamisa Mobile Veterinary Services. Courtesy/Chamisa Mobile Veterinary Services

Los Alamos Daily Post

Two white ducks received an unpleasant welcome when an unknown individual dumped them Sunday afternoon at Ashley Pond.

Los Alamos Animal Shelter Manager Paul Sena told the Los Alamos Daily Post Monday that an individual was spotted on cameras carrying the two ducks in a pet kennel at Ashley Pond. The person released the two ducks, watched them for a bit, and then left. The two newcomers, which were already sick and injured, were pecked at by the long-term inhabitants.

Sena said he received a call from a citizen and the County’s Animal Control was sent out to collect the two ducks. Ultimately, Melissa Dezendorf of Chamisa Mobile Veterinary Services was contacted to care for the ducks. Once the ducks are cared for, Sena said they will not return to the pond but will be kept at the Los Alamos County Animal Shelter until a new home can be found for them.

It is not safe for the two ducks, or any kind of fowl, to be left at the pond because the birds could possibly endanger the current ecosystem at the pond, he said. The pond’s current inhabitants have their own eco system and newcomers will be attacked, Sena said.

“It is not safe, and it is not healthy for new animals to be introduced there,” he said.

The geese and ducks that reside at Ashley Pond are being monitored to make sure they haven’t been exposed to any illnesses, Sena added.