American Legion Post 90 Supports Op Christmas Child

American Legion Post 90 of Los Alamos is supporting Operation Christmas Child, a shoe box ministry of many churches across the United States.
The Post is purchasing 50 inflatable soccer balls to go with the ones provided by White Rock Presbyterian Church.
Each year Mary Medendorp heads up the effort to collect shoe boxes to be packed with pens, pencils, writing paper, crayolas, water colors, small stuffed animals, dolls and more. The soccer balls will be packed with a pump to bring the ball to life.
In one instance for a young boy in a third world country, this was a life changing gift experience, that gave him purpose and direction in his life.
These shoe box Chistmas gifts go all over the world in many countries including some in the USA. The Operation is world wide.
GI’s have always had a soft spot for kids. In one panel cartoonist Bill Mauldin shows Willie and Joe, in rumpled uniforms with a steel helmet and a rifle slung over their shoulders, handing out C-rations to a small group of kids.
In my out fit we would toss chewing gum and candy bars to the French children as we passed through a village in a six by six.
The American Legion motto is “ for GOD and Country” so affiliation with churches is a natural. If anyone would like to know more about Operation Christmas Child they should contact Mary (Al) Medendorp, with the White Rock church.
Packing parties will be announced later in the season where one may help stuff shoeboxes with dreams for kids. Shoeboxes may be dropped off at the church or contact a member of the church.
Imagine one hundred soccer balls making a difference in the world.
Businesses and individuals may contribute to the project with last season inventory items that didn’t sell or new items.
Small items that kids have out grown such as tops, small stuffed animals in good condition, bags of marbles, small picture books and other appropriate maters are welcome.
Hygiene items are also welcome, such as hotel soap bars, washed clothes and tooth paste with new toothbrushes. Dec. 25 is not that far away.
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