American Federation Of Teachers New Mexico React To New Mexico ESSA Plan

AFT News:
ALBUQUERQUE  American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly released the following statement regarding the ESSA education plan: 

“New Mexico educators know the analysis of a for-profit group of so-called reform minded consultants, executives, and coaches cannot be taken at face value when they claim our state’s ESSA education plan was rated ‘best in the nation’ of the 17 plans submitted so far to the federal government.

Honesty and transparency would reveal the plan basically rewrites Hanna Skandera’s previous plan, and is largely based on what’s currently being used. We need real stakeholder engagement and a focus on what the ESSA law intends for states to do.
We must give students what they need to succeed, like more community schooling with wraparound services to address their academic, health, and social needs; more engaging instruction instead of a fixation on tests; and a real collaboration with educators and other stakeholders.
New Mexico’s plan deserves no praise, as the leaders of the NM Public Education Department have routinely ignored the real input of stakeholders, professional educators, parents, and community members. This plan is a failed attempt at creating a false legacy for former Secretary Skandera.”