American Federation Of Teachers New Mexico React To Governor Martinez’s Budget Proposal

By STEPHANIE LY, President
American Federation of Teachers New Mexico
Yesterday, Gov. Martinez released her proposed budget to address the projected historic $69 million gap in our State finances, and in typical fashion, she peppered citizens with neatly-packaged sound bites whilst ignoring the serious realities facing our State. She continues to believe it is more important cut jobs and give tax cuts than for the ability of the citizens she governs to put food on the table and a roof over their head.
Blaming others for the shortfall instead of taking accountability for her actions, she accused the Legislature for failing to act during the recent October Special Legislative Session – apparently forgetting it was her own party in control of the House of Representatives. The reality is those present during the Special Session witnessed our Governor refuse to even consider revenue enhancements to address future budget shortfalls, demonstrating a spectacular level of shortsightedness.
Gov. Martinez’s proposals will take money out of the pockets of our working families through retirement deductions and jeopardize our schools’ ability to provide safe, quality instruction for our students by ‘sweeping’ hard-saved cash reserves from their budgets.
The bottom line is this: Gov. Martinez is telling working New Mexicans to ‘tighten their belts’ while hoping we don’t notice she’s placed it around our necks.