Alert: Snakes Are Out, Active And Biting Dogs

A horned rattlesnake. Courtesy/wikipedia

News Alert:

Christine DuBois asked the Los Alamos Daily Post to alert the community about recent incidents of snakes biting dogs on local trails.

Her dog was bitten by a rattlesnake just northwest of Mitchell Trail Head at around 5:15 p.m. Friday. The snake did not warn before it struck her dog in the back leg. She rushed him to Smith Veterinary Hospital in Santa Fe where he received two vials of anti venom. While still unsure as to his prognosis, the vet was hopeful.

In another recent incident, a local search and rescue dog was bitten by a rattle snake June 12 near Guaje Pines Cemetery. The dog also was rushed to Santa Fe and is now recovering.

DuBois wants our readers to be alert to the fact that the snakes are out and active. They are more plentiful this year because of last year’s monsoons (which led to a boom in weeds, a subsequent boom in rodents, and voila: lots of snakes).

She explained that snakes are vital to reducing the number of infected rodents, and added that this is not a call for a witch hunt for snakes, but rather a heads up to those who frequent the trails.